неділя, 26 квітня 2015 р.

                                                       Hey guys!!!
If you are reading this blog right now, it means that you are either straight A children, who have incredibly high mental agility or you are just ordinary studentі who somehow managed to survive in this seat of learning. Anyway if you still have a thirst for knowledge or you are just willing to get your diploma, you have to crash this course .And this course guys is the biggest challenge that you are gonna face getting an education here.
First of all, if you have not become a bookworm yet, don`t worry there is always a room for improvement. And this course will turn out to be this “room”, making you put your nose in the books all the time. By the way, be ready to burn midnight oil as you will have to cover a lot of ground preparing for a class if you want to meet the requirements and not to fall behind.
The amount of words you are gonna learn by heart is immense. Although I take the view that it would be better if we learned less number of words.( The reason for it is not that we are lazy bones) It is just a foregone conclusion that quality is more important than quantity.
I`ll give you an important piece of advice, my dear freshers. Start keeping a vocabulary notebook at the beginning of the course and don`t forget to write down new words!!!If you forget about your vocabulary notebook, you will face a sleepless night, full of words and definitions a day before your final class.
As far as our teachers are real eager beavers, they created a lot of interesting tasks which we had to complete.  These tasks usually just pretend being as easy as ABC…They will definitely make you brush up on your computer skills.

To sum up, dear freshers, I hope you are courageous enough, so you are not afraid of signing up for this course. I am sure you will manage to pass its exam with flying colours!:)Just start hitting the books!!And good luck!

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